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The fellowship was started on January 1999 by seven founding families. Today Smyrna has grown to a size of over 15 families. Most families have kids ages from 2 years old to 15 years old. We commit ourselves wholly to serve our Lord, genuinely loving each other, and open ourselves to newcomers, whether they are believers or not.


What does our name "Smyrna" mean? According to the Bible, the church of Smyrna would be one of the two churches that Jesus praises without rebukes during end-times. Smyrna will always remind each of us to remain faithful even to the point of death till second coming of Christ (Revelation 2:8-11).


Our Mission

Provide an environment for:

  • in-depth sharing and prayer support
  • newcomers to feel welcomed
  • all members to plan and make decisions together 群策群力 (agreed policies here)

Outreach newcomers to participate in church growth

Plant a new fellowship when the above cannot be achieved effectively.


We have singspiration, prayer, Bible study and various kinds of programs for us to know each other deeper, to grow spiritually together, and to learn from each other. Also, we have group activities outside church periodically.


We welcome all those who are interested to visit us, and would be very happy if you join us as we grow together in Christ.


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