Every book has a story. The Bible, which is the greatest story ever told, continues to be the best-selling book year after year. The story is filled with dramas, conflicts, romance, wisdom, and redemption. Its main character, God, went through great lengths to reach out to the people He created. The Bible is God's love story and invitation for mankind to experience His love and live with Him forever through Jesus Christ. Most importantly, everyone is part of His story. Does having a relationship with God matter to our journeys on earth? Come and join us to explore what the Bible will speak to us.


As we gather, we will:


  1. examine key events in the Bible from creation, fall of men, God's promises to men, exodus and redemption, exile, virgin birth of the Messiah, crucifixion and ascension of Jesus, indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and establishment of early church through the spreading of the Good News to all nations, the final judgment and another beginning.

  2. explore the meanings of those key events and how applicable they are to modern lives.


Our first meeting will be held at 6:45pm on November 18. While challenging our minds in examining key bible events as outlined in the following schedules, we will have funs, open discussions, and special delights to our taste. Come and see!





#1. The Bible is God's revelation about Himself and His love for humanity.


#2. God's love began with creation and continues despite men's fall.


#3. God chose Abraham to channel His love and blessings to everyone.


#4. God delivered Israel from slavery to foreshadow His redemptive love for mankind.


#5. God gave us laws to enjoy freedom and His love.


#6. God foreshadowed His salvation for us through the acts of sacrifice and atonement.


#7. God's presence throughout history demonstrates His love and His kingdom.


#8. God judged ancient Israel for its sins but promised its restoration through His love.


#9. God's redemptive love began with the incarnation of His son, Jesus Christ.


#10. God's redemptive love is complete through His son Jesus Christ.


#11. Jesus commands His followers to make disciples of God's love.


#12. God's redemptive love is made perfect with the Holy Spirit.


#13. God empowers believers to imitate His love through the work of the Holy Spirit.


#14. The early church was firmly established through God's love.


#15. Jesus’ love demonstrated on the cross and His resurrection are the Good News for everyone.


#16. The end of God's revelation is to continue His love for humanity through a new creation.

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