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2017 Xmas

We have Line dance class on 1/27/2018.

Church location: 10 Dempsey Road, Milpitas, CA 95035.
Room : D1 - D2, D3

Line dance Classes in last month

Date Dance Titles (Left Click title to display step sheet) Video Links
Section 1 Rita Waltz, Rita Waltz,
Hey Mambo, Demo
Strait cha cha, Demo1 MTV1 MTV2
Crossover, Demo1
Bicycle Waltz, Demo
Samba-mania, Demo MTV
Mamma Mia, Demo Demo1 MTV
Rm1 Unchained melody Tutorial Music
Traveling four corners Demo
Somewhere my love tutorialmusic
Rm 3 I can fly  mambo-mania   Brave Cha cha, The Angels Cried, Try to remember, Intrigue, ,
Aiyo mama, Demo MTV1 MTV2 MTV3
Crush, Crush,
Catch the rain Catch the rain. Demo MTV1 MTV2
Tango cha, Tango cha,
Zhang Sheng, Zhang Sheng,
Take me to your heart, Take me to your heart,
Holding on to Yesterday, Holding on to Yesterday,
Rather be, Demo MTV MTV2
Always Will

Always Will, Demo MTV

My love is true Demo1 MTV1
When will I see you again When will I see you again

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10/20/12 Cathrine Wong, R.D.,M.P.H

余醫生冠心病講座 chick here

Dr. Ambrose Hung - “The most effective and cheapest way to live longer and healthier”

Church pinic  5/28/11:  share your photo here

2011 Pinic1 2011 Pinic2 2011 Pinic3 2011 Pinic4 2011 Pinic5 2011 Pinic6

Computer class Jan. – June 2012

Class A – 1/28, 2/11, 3/3, 3/24, 4/14, 5/5, 5/26, 6/9

Class B – 2/4, 2/25, 3/10, 3/31, 4/28, 5/12, 6/2, 6/23

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Line Dance 2010 XmasLine Dance 2009 Xmas

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