Our desire is to focus and emphasize the importance of knowing God and experiencing God through His Word within a classroom setting.  All English-speaking adult is most welcome to join!





Class Description Room Teacher

The Asian American Identity

January 15 to March

This class attempts to convey the cultural and generational issues that exist in the hearts of Asian American Christians.  We will dive into the mindset of an Asian American Christian and the role that Christianity plays in their lives as well as the tensions that exist between them and their parents and the church.  We will also look at what Scripture has to say in dealing with some of these conflicts and how reconciliation can be brought about.  This class is intended for parents and other people who are interested in ministering to this group of people.

A-3 Pastor Warrick Leung
Worship Seminar

January 15 to May


Gravity and Gladness : The Pursuit of God in Corporate Worship featured John Piper

What does the Bible say about corporate worship? What is worship in the first place? The stark differences in worship styles between churches leads to much confusion. Services with flippant worship cause us to miss the majesty and magnificence of God. On the other hand, stiff-necked worship doesn’t recognize that God is actually happy, and that we are called to be happy as well. So what should our worship look like? Is there a balance—worship that is both solemn and joyful?

Yes! Gravity in worship doesn’t mean being stern or grim. And gladness in worship doesn’t mean being frivolous or superficial. If our God is both inestimably glorious and infinitely happy, our worship will have both gravity and gladness, both substance and satisfaction.

In this twelve-session seminar, John Piper looks to the Bible to help individuals and churches discover the true nature of worship. Join Piper as he calls Christians to worship God daily with gravity and gladness.

B-6 Bernice Ling (Facilitator)
The Book of Psalms

February 5 to June

The book of Psalms is rich with the language of the prayers and expression of who our Great God is.  Also it expresses our feelings and thoughts and struggles as if the author of the Psalms knows exactly what we are going through.  By studying the book of Psalms, our prayer life will be enriched and we will acquire a richer revelation of the God who invites us into a lifelong conversation.  We will study the background of the book of Psalms and how it will relate to our life today.

Deepen your devotional life by following in the footsteps of your spiritual ancestors! Attributed to David, Moses, Solomon, and others, the psalms are cries of the heart to God. This class takes you through prayers of worship and praise, protection and deliverance, and renewal and restoration, encouraging you to embrace their transformative wisdom.

A-4 Albert Wong
Christianity in Marketplace

May to July

Are we marketplace Christians?  Have we longed to do more for God in “real” ministry?  Do we wonder how to fulfill our spiritual calling and lay up heavenly rewards, even though little of our time is devoted to church activities?  Do we know 97% of Christians are not called to full-time vocational ministry but called by God to the marketplace?

With all the knowledge we have of who our God is, who the Lord Jesus Christ is and now with the Holy Sprit, with this gift of the life in Christ, how then we can live out our faith in the outside of the church life in this world where we ought to bring the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ and is the world where we cannot conform into.  If these are the questions you have in your mind today, the class is going to give you the place to learn and discuss on this topic.

A-3 Pastor Clement Wong

The Book of Matthew

July to December

With its emphasis on the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, Matthew’s Gospel forms a natural bridge between the Old and New Testaments.  While it is directed toward Jewish readers, it had never been limited in its audience.  From the visit of the Magi reported at the beginning of this Gospel to the words of the Great Commission at its conclusion, the larger sphere and interests of the Messiah are clear.  Throughout Matthew’s Gospel we will learn that Jesus is indeed the promised Messiah, come to redeem His people.

A-4 Andrew Lai
Servant Leadership

July to August

“Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave—just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:26–28)

This class helps people understand and respond to the challenge of being a Christian servant leader. Great leaders inspire others to go beyond themselves.

At the conclusion of this class the students will be able to:
• explain the distinctive principles of Christian servant leadership;
• identify what skills are necessary for effective leadership;
• develop a plan to improve their leadership skills in a particular area of ministry.

A-3 Pastor Clement Wong
Digging Into the Book of Ephesians Together

September to January 2013

If you totally understand that we should read the Bible and it is crucial to the Christian Life, yet find it is hard to relate to the language and terminology in the Bible, this class will provide you the way to read the Bible for its worth.  Or if you are questioning that we all read the same Bible, yet why there are so many different interpretations/translations and different understanding, or how can we apply the Bible reading to my daily life, the class will go over together verse-by-verse to dig into the book of Ephesians together.  Also we will look for time to share what you have discovered through your study.  Also for some who are looking for the perspective of church life, the book of Ephesians also provides the view of what a healthy church life and community of His people look like.   It is expected that all who participate would find the treasure through studying the book of Ephesians together.

A-3 Fumiko Cheng